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Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck eyeglasses are possibly the most comfortable frames available to wear due to the unique patented Starck hinge design. The hinge for the side of the frame is quite unlike anything made before in so far as it can flex not only horizontally but also vertically this offers both great comfort and flexability for the wearer. Starck modelled this new concept on the human shoulder joint and in typical Starck fashion he brought this natural solution to his Starck eyes prescription glasses. The frames are handmade in France under licence by Alain Mikli.

Collaborating together, Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck released their new concept of eyewear at the Silmo Optical Industry Exhibition in 1996. This concept is designed to represent the next millennium in eyewear. Their combined creativity and talent has given rise to the idea of biovision- "Eyeglasses inspired by the human being".

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