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Face a Face

Face a Face began its existence in 1995 under the leadership of Pascal Jaulent and Nadline Roth. The company concept is based upon placing exciting architecture, current fashion trends and popular culture into a meaningful and well-crafted eyewear design.

The aim of the Face a Face company is to design and craft eyewear that demands attention to the extent that even the wearer will not be able to stop staring at a mirror due to their luminous beauty. They desire to create eyewear that exaggerates the finest features of the individual and elevate both the individual and the eyewear to idol level popularity. They produce frames for prescription glasses as well as sunglasses.

Many individuals have come to view Face a Face frames as a statement of efficiency and style. Their masterful craftsmanship and overall appeal speak to a wide audience and draw new converts daily. Though they are relatively new, as fashion companies go, their dedication to style and function are to be commended. They draw upon international media and cultural icons to create unique and inspired artwork for the eyes. Anyone who wears their collection is wearing a part of the human experience itself.

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